One Day Mataram


One Day Mataram

The bright sun rose up shining, glowing a bright saffron which was unusual. There had to be something special. I pondered having a look at the calendar went into a deep thought. Yes! How could I forget the big day’s arrived – Indian Independence Day!

I ran to the balcony and was surprised to see that I was the last one to celebrate. No Less than the Holi vibrant colours filled the air and enthusiasm never ended. Billboards hung up high and for a change people involved in cleaning the streets. Yes! you heard it right cleaning.The topmost reason was to show off. Facebook captures were not to be left out. After all, that was the main cause. Or else who bothered to get out of bed and dance up high. Bend your backs to pick up garbage on the roads and who would take the effort to dig into your closet and find the most traditional attire. All this had to be done one motive always stands up flying – I had to look the best, I have to enjoy the most I need to be the picture queen. With all these going in your head, you can never achieve immense pride within your souls. Heading towards the end of the day media flooded with dramatic poses and the ground filled with forwarding satisfaction. Promisingly I stood as a dedicated patriot and chanted Vande Mataram with the flag soaring above my head.

Trrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ! Another day. I am late, my boss is here and I ‘ve to submit the project. Amidst the street garbage, smelled disgusting but ignorance was the answer and Instagram said #Lifeisbusy, #NoTimeforenjoyment.





Sparsha Shetty
Grade 6, Indian High School, Dubai