Prof Nayak Seeks Justice in Baliga Murder case

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Prof Nayak Seeks Justice in Baliga Murder case

We are glad to see that the investigations into the dastardly murder of the RTI activist Vinayak Baliga on March 21, are going on well. Though the hired killers are in custody, the masterminds are yet to be apprehended. One such suspect Naresh Shenoy has been at large and has tried unsuccessfully for anticipatory bail. The very fact that he has been successful in evading the police so far goes to show that there are a lot of forces protecting and supporting him.


They must also be anxious if Shenoy would be in police custody and the revelations that he would make! The police have recently started investigating the role of Vishwanath Bhat who is the person-in-charge of the affairs of the Kashi Math. This had been reported in the media and that has raised the hackles of the devotees of the Math and the so called ‘elite’ of the GSB community. It is funny that this community which did not raise a whimper of protest when a fellow devout, practicing GSB was murdered has now suddenly found a voice and have called a meeting to discuss the plan of action for supposedly false media coverage of the murder investigation! I can recall such voices being raised when the name of the now absconding accused Naresh Shenoy was brought up!

While it is enlightening to note that the community has now woken up, it is strange that those who were not stirred by the cold-blooded murder of a fellow GSB which left his family bereft of its only breadwinner, left his aged parents helpless and his unmarried sisters without support, are finding it uncomfortable when reports are made about the progress of the investigations into the murder.

We are also told that they are planning a protest march. Hope they will include a demand in that for the fast investigations into the murder of Vinayak Baliga too and for the arrest of the forces behind this inhuman act. We have been exhorting the community to do that but have not met with any response so far! It is strange that a so called ‘literate’, ‘educated’ affluent society gets greatly affected by the media reports of the investigations into the brutal daylight murder of one of the members of their own community while being totally unmoved by the much brutal event itself.

We demand that the police should go ahead and investigate the case without fear or favour or bow down to the unjust demands of those who try to influence the investigations and bring the culprits to book. This demand has been made again and again by all progressive forces of the society. The brutal murder of the RTI activist for seeking information and making use of it to reform the society is a condemnable act and I do hope that the community will have the moral courage make a public statement to that effect.

Narendra Nayak on behalf of all organisations and individuals seeking justice for Vinayak Baliga.

By Prof Narendra Nayak

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  1. I don’t know who is worse here. The GSB community who failed to strongly demand a strict action on every culprit involved in murder OR the ‘rationalists’ who selectively show outrage. It feels like everyone is using Mr.Baliga’s murder as a tool to score political points.

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