Rajeshwari Killed Bhaskar Shetty for self-defence! – Sumati

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Rajeshwari Killed Bhaskar Shetty for self-defence! – Sumati

Udupi: “My daughter might have hit her husband Bhaskar Shetty in self-defence and he died”, said Rajeshwari’s mother Sumati in an interview with the mediapersons on August 15.

Defending her daughter, Sumati alleged Bhaskar Shetty of wrong doings and said, “My daughter believes in Homa, she is a devoted woman. Bhaskar and my daughter were not in good terms. Bhaskar was trying to kill Rajeshwari, he had several times threatened my daughter with life. On July 28, Bhaskar had gone home to kill my daughter Rajeshwari and my grandson Navaneeth. In self-defence, my daughter might have hit Bhaskar and he died, my grandson may have helped her”.


Sumati also clarified, “After Bhaskar died, my daughter, Rajeshwari held the final rites of Bhaskar and Navaneeth lit the fire to cremate his father according to the Hindu rituals. Rajeshwari very much believes in God and has faith in Homa”.

Sumati also alleged, “Bhaskar was having an affair with a nurse and he has a 3 1/2-year-old daughter in Saudi. Bhaskar was fighting every time and forcing my daughter for a divorce. When my daughter refused to sign the divorce papers, there was a fight between them, my daughter in a fit of rage might have hit him with the support of her son and he died”.

“I have 5 daughters, the police are simply dragging my other daughters and son-in-laws in the Bhaskar Shetty case. If Rajeshwari has committed a crime, let the police punish her, why they are unnecessarily dragging my other daughters and son-in-laws in this case,” she questioned.

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  1. Saudi is a place, where no one shall dare to have an illegal affair and this women is talking all rubbish to protect her daughter who has committed the crime.

  2. Feel sorry for this woman and Mr.Shetty’s mother. After all, what do you expect? Parents will always have unconditional love for their kids.

  3. Who knows what the decreased must have done for provoking them to do such an act…he is dead so ppl are all supporting him but no one knows the actual truth what was going on in between them ….though killing was not at all the solution who knows bhaskar shetty must have threathned them and have an affair…

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