‘Until Court Gives Okay, We’ll Not Allow Traders to Open Shops at Central Market’- MCC Dy Commissioner

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‘Until Court Gives Okay, We’ll Not Allow Traders to Open Shops at Central Market’- MCC Deputy Commissioner Dr G Santhosh Kumar

Mangaluru : Following close on its heels after Team Mangalorean had published an article this morning, 9 June 2020 (Ref : Traders Hopes of Starting Their Business Today Shattered, as Cops Block All Road Entrances to Central Market!), it seems like the drama between the wholesale traders and Mangaluru city Corporation has come to an end for the timing. The wholesale traders who had full hopes of reopening their businesses at the old Central market this morning (9 June), were left into disappointment after MCC had arranged the police to stop them from running their business. A huge patrol of cops were posted in and around the Central Market as security, and all the roads leading to the Central market were barricaded, thereby killing the hopes of the traders who were anxiously waiting to sanitize, clean their shops and start running their business at their original spots.

MCC Deputy Commissioner Dr G Santhosh Kumar

Today’s action from the traders comes after the Central Market Merchants Association had a press meet yesterday at the Mangaluru Press Club, where the president of the Association Mustafa Kunhi had told the media personnel that no matter what the traders would start operating their businesses at the central market on 9 June 2020, since the lockdown has be relaxed, and many businesses have resumed their operations. (Ref: Traders Say ‘We’ll Start Operating Business at Mluru Central Market on 9 June’, while MCC says ‘We’ll Not allow It?’ ). The wholesale merchants who were shifted to Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) Yard in Baikampady on 8 April 2020, from the City’s Central market, had decided to come back to their original “Home” to start their business again, starting 9 June.

President of Central Market Merchants Association Mustafa Kunhi

However, it should be noted that in order to maintain social distancing at the congested Central market, the district admin and MCC had shifted the wholesalers to APMC yard, and now that the lockdown has been relaxed, the traders wanted to come back to the City. During the press meet, Mustafa had said that MCC should give them a opportunity to carry out the business in the City, and not at a dilapidated APMC Yard. But what the traders expected today, turned out a different way, with no positive results. The MCC officials had already posted a document on each of the traders shutters, explaining the outcome, which clearly stated that until a decision is taken by the High Court, no one should start business at the Central market.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, MCC Deputy Commissioner Dr G Santhosh Kumar said, “This morning I had met the Traders Association President, other office bearers and a bevy of wholesalers, and I clearly explained to them the procedure, and urged them not to violate the norms, since the issue is still pending in the Court- and unless and until a decision is taken in the High Court in this regard no traders should enter the Central Market premises and operate their business, for which the Association body agreed by giving in writing a letter to the police department. We also gave them a option to move into the newly built Urwa market, in the City which has not been not used for months, and if that’s not okay with them, we assured them that we will look into the pathetic conditions at the APMC Yard, and try to rectify them at the earliest, by upgrading the facilities. So until the Court gives a green signal, we’ll not allow the traders to occupy the spaces in the City’s Central Market”.

In the meantime, President of Central Market Merchants Association -Mustafa Kunhi said, “We have agreed with the MCC authorities that until a decision is taken by the High Court, we will not operate business at the Central Market, and have also given in writing to the police authorities regarding the same. We appreciate MCC giving us a option to shift our business into the newly built Urwa Market, but due to the lack of parking space for huge produce trucks that deliver products, we will have to make a decision on that. Also after repeated requests regarding the poor facilities, hardship faced by the traders during rainfall, etc, MCC had moved us to a different location at the APMC Yard, but there too we had faced inconveniences, due to dilapidated condition of the building roof, which is leaking and rusted. (watch the video below). But for the next two days we’ll not do any business at APMC Yard, until we come to a next positive decision. We will also wait for couple of days on Court’s decision. Retailers and citizens may face some hardships due to our couple of non-working days, but we have to also take care of our problems that we have been facing all these days. Please bear with us”.

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  1. Indian politics is not fit for purpose. It happens at the local level as well as national. Contentious issues which should be sorted out by the legislature or executive are dragged on forever with the hope that someone will file a PIL or a writ in the courts hoping the public will obey the court order. So effectively we do not have democracy instead milord-ocracy.

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