‘Will Take Action Soon’ Assures Mayor to Callers during Phone-In

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‘Will Take Action Soon’ Assures Mayor to Callers during Phone-In

Mangaluru: With an aim to help public and listen to their grievances, MCC Mayor Kavita Sanil and MCC Commissioner Mohammed Nazeer had decided to host a live phone-in programme- the first phone-in programme was held on May 23, 2017 between 10 am and 11 am, where nearly 50 citizens called in, and the Mayor assured of action from her and MCC. The second phone-in programme was held today, 27 June 2017 from 12 noon until 1.10 pm, where 28 people called in, excluding 14 missed calls before 12 noon. This programme has been a medium for people to get in touch with the Mayor, along with commissioner Nazeer by her side and head of other departments of MCC seated in the audience along with media personnel.

Most of the civic issues that the callers complained to the Mayor were Monsoon related, like overflowing of drainage, and water seeping into homes; huge pot-holes created due to incessant rains; illegal street vendors occupying footpaths and parking space; increase of stray dogs which is a nuisance to motorists as well as commuters; open drainage which are filthy and stinky; etc etc.

Bharathi from Alape-Padil complained stating that the road going towards the school near to the Railway station is in dilapidated condition, and it has been so inconvenient for school children to use that path; Rajesh from Kadri complained saying that the mega circle near Mallikatta is sheer waste of money from the Smart City funds-there was no need for such a huge circle, which is taking a lot of road space, and majority of the buses/vehicles don’t even go around the circle, coming from Bendore towards Kadri-Nathoor- for which the Mayor replied saying, “I do understand your concern. But already the project has been completed spending a huge amount. Now it’s too late to do any modification, but we will surely think of some ways to make it worth”.

Madhu Shankar near Global Court Apartments, near KPT complained saying that road adjacent to the apartment is not paved/tared -request had been made since 2015, but still no action has been taken by MCC- also there is a drainage nearby with lots of mud filled in it, and the water can hardly flow easily, resulting in flooding in the area; Robert from Kankanady Bye-pass complained about huge pot-holes on the road adjacent to the Fr Muller Hospital-this situation always happens during the monsoon every year, and MC has shown a blind eye towards it; Prashanth from Vamanjoor said that there is an old tree with a hollow bottom near RTO auto-rickshaw stand (See article link below, which our website had published on this tree) which may crash down anytime during a windy hail storm- and in response the Mayor directed the concerned authority to look into this issue within the next few hours.

Suresh from Yeyyadi called and said that the construction of a house has been creating lots of hassles and inconveniences for the public, due to the construction materials stored on the street side; Gopal from Kottara Cross said that builders are storing building materials and dumping construction debris along the street, which causes hardship to pedestrians; Severine from Kadri called and said that there is an increase in the stray dogs in the city- it has been scary to walk in the mornings during our exercise walk, with all these dogs following you- some of them look fierce, even children have stopped playing around due to these dogs moving around in groups- for which the Mayor said that she will look into this issue soon.

Nagaraj from Lady Hill complained about bunch of street vendors occupying the footpaths right from MCC building area towards Lady Hill during day time-and in the late evenings mobile food canteens are also set up there; Naresh from Kadri said that there is water logging on Kadri Kambla road, ever since the road construction was taken up; Narayan Bhat from Padil called and said that a welding shop in front of his house is dumping waste materials and other mechanical wastage, which has been causing hardship for him to walk towards his house- for which the Mayor directed Health Officer to cancel the trade licence of the said shop.


Ramesh from Balmatta called and said that there is a huge pothole near the turning of Jyothi Circle/Dr Ambedkar Circle college which is a safety hazard to motorists when it gets slushy during heavy rains; Ronald from Kadri called and said that the mud accumulated during road construction on Kadri Temple Road has been left unattended for a long time, which is now creating hardship for commuters; Philomena Tauro from Nagori-Kankanady complained about a Gujiri Shop (scarp shop) near her residence which has been dumping used tyres, other waste etc, resulting in breeding of mosquitoes, which may spread various diseases- for which the Mayor directed Health Officer Dr Manjaiah Shetty to look into the matter, and cancel the trade license if needed.

There were among the many civic issues, including some issues pertaining to parking of vehicles, that the citizens of Mangaluru  complained to the Mayor during the Phone-In programme, and the Mayor assured everyone that action will be taken as quickly as possible- she even noted down the phone numbers of the callers, to do a follow up on their complaints. The Mayor directed the officials of the concerned department to act quickly and rectify the problems soon.

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  1. This Calling in seems like Show without Substance.
    Why Calling in to Mayor when there is 24×7 call in Emergency Line. Here I will be giving detail of a Dangerous Chamber Cover in Middle of the road Near Arya Samaj Road–Bunts Hostel Mallikatta Road Junction. The lid of the Chamber is bent and bouncing up when vehicle drives on it. This makes a huge Thunderous Noise as well as it is dangerous to Bikes with dip on the lid. So here is what I have done to get it repaired. It was almost like pouring Water on Rock where nothing grows
    I called 24×7 desk during day time and evening time. (5 Times)
    Met Commissioner Mr Nazeer and showed Him the picture ( 1 Time)
    Personally Met P.A. to Commissioner of City Mr Mohan(2 Times)
    Called P.A. to Commissioner of City Mr Mohan (9 Times)
    Called and requested Mayor for action (2 times)
    Met Mayor personally in Her Office and put forth request (1 Time)
    Called Mr Ganapathy Engineer as per instruction given by MCC (1 Time)
    Finally I met Mayor 1 week back in her office and reminded Her of problem. She called a head of Dept.Mr Shenoy and requested Him to look into the problem. He promised me next day action. Now week passed but nothing moved.
    Smart City at Work

  2. Enough space for future time pass activities in Mangalore! I wonder how does it make a city, forget being a smart one! Anyway it stand out that’s being too smarty!
    Lots of hope for journalism . Neat report

  3. I appreciate Mayor’s willingness to take direct heat from people. She appears to be determined to make positive changes in the way MCC operates. However, reality of situation tells us a very different picture. Also, Mr.Joe D’Souza has pointed out an ugly side of MCC where issues are intentionally being ignored. It’s very troubling.

    Note: What exactly is the role of MLA in addressing this dysfunctional behavior? Does he have any responsibility or not?

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