Ignore Fake News ‘Eating Ice Cream Spreads Covid-19’! Enjoy Ideal’s ‘Gadbad’ during Hot Summer Lockdown Days

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Ignore Fake News that Eating Ice Cream Spreads Covid-19! Enjoy Ideal’s ‘Gadbad’ during Hot Summer Lockdown Days. A lot of rumours and misinformation is being circulated recently that is creating havoc among people. One such erroneous information that is going around is to avoid frozen desserts or ice creams. But WHO (World Health Organisation) and UNICEF has clarified that no types of ice cream or frozen foods can spread the virus and that there is no scientific evidence to support that claim.

Mangaluru: What to eat, what not to eat are the most asked questions by everyone around the world during this COVID-19 pandemic. As per the statement released by IICMA (Indian Ice cream Manufacturer’s Association) Reassures That Ice Creams or Frozen Desserts Do Not Cause COVID-19. A lot of rumours and misinformation is being circulated that is creating havoc among people. One such erroneous information that is going around is to avoid frozen desserts or ice creams. But WHO (World Health Organisation) and UNICEF has clarified that no types of ice cream or frozen foods can spread the virus and that there is no scientific evidence to support that claim.

The official press announcement by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clearly mentions that there are no reports of the virus being spread through foods and food packaging. To avoid all such falsified information, The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the food safety regulatory body of India, has clarified that any ice cream, frozen food, and food served cold/chilled does not spread the coronavirus. (Ref: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronaviruscovid-19-supply-chain-update )  

The ICMA also states that ‘One has to verify the authenticity of any information regarding the virus spread, cure or prevention. It is pretty important to maintain hygiene practices for food preparation, storage, and handling it. Many newspapers have posted articles debunking the myths on the consumption of frozen foods and the spread of coronavirus. IICMA requests people not to fall prey to wrong information and happily consume one’s favourite flavours of ice creams in this scorching summer. These frozen desserts will surely light up one’s mood and make one happy during these tough times. IICMA urges everyone to maintain hygiene, wash hands often, wear a mask while travelling in crowded places, eat balanced diet food, exercise, and most importantly to absorb information only from reliable sources. To learn more about IICMA log on to: http://iicma.

L- R: Mukund Kamath (Managing Partner) and Y Prabhakar Kamath (Founder) of Ideal Ice Cream

And locally here in Mangaluru, due to false rumours that consumption of frozen foods and ice creams will lead to the spread of Coronavirus, and to clarify on that issue, the Managing Partner of One of the Popular and Most Loved Ice Cream brand in town “Ideal Ice Cream”, Mukund Kamath said, “We had these false rumours going around during the month of January/February when the virus was known, that consuming of ice creams will increase the chances of Covid-19. But we through advertisement in media and other means clarified that it was not true, and eating Ice creams will no way spread Covid-19. Later there was once again false rumours that WHO and UNICEF had claimed that consuming frozen foods and Ice Creams will spread Coronavirus. But within days, WHO clarified that it was false news”

Mukund further said, “Even though IICMA in their poster had mentioned that coronavirus is airborne, which is an error made, and IICMA will rectify it soon. Coronavirus is not airborne, and it is mainly transmitted through droplets, handshakes, etc (Ref:World Health Organization (WHO). But our customers who don’t believe in all these false news have been still buying our products through parcel. Even though the business is slower due to lockdown than our earlier regular days when families and friends used to dine at our Ice Cream parlours in town, but we are happy with our takeaway orders, at three of our locations. We are thankful to our customers for believing in our products, and still patronizing us during this pandemic”.

Recently when rumours spread out that UNICEF claimed that consuming ice creams will spread Coronavirus, and in response, Ms Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director for Partnerships, in her statement on coronavirus misinformation had said, “All around the world, people are taking necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from coronavirus. Sound preparation, based on scientific evidence, is what is needed at this time. However, while many people are sharing information about the virus and how to protect against it, only some of that information is useful or reliable. Misinformation during times of a health crisis can spread paranoia, fear, and stigmatization. It can also result in people being left unprotected or more vulnerable to the virus”.

“For example, a recent erroneous online message circulating in several languages around the world and purporting to be a UNICEF communication appears to indicate, among other things, that avoiding ice cream and other cold foods can help prevent the onset of the disease. This is, of course, wholly untrue. To the creators of such falsehoods, we offer a simple message: STOP. Sharing inaccurate information and attempting to imbue it with authority by misappropriating the names of those in a position of trust is dangerous and wrong. To members of the public, we ask that you seek accurate information about how to keep yourself and your family safe from verified sources, such as UNICEF or WHO, government health officials and trusted healthcare professionals; and that you refrain from sharing information from untrustworthy or unverified sources ” added Ms Charlotte.

And during this treacherous lockdown to contain COVID-19, for Mangaloreans to stay away from enjoying the delicious Award Winning Ideal Ice Cream flavours have been a sad moment- but those who are really craving for Ideal Ice Creams are still enjoying them by taking them home or ordering them through delivery firms like Zomato, Swiggy and others. Who can stay away for a long-time by not having the “Gadbad ice-cream”, which is the most popular ice-cream in Mangaluru city? You can ask anybody about this flavour- and they will all give a thumbs Up!

Since the beginning, innovation has been a mainstay of Ideal Ice Cream and the famous Ice Cream concoction ‘Gadbad’ bears testimony to this. Ask anyone what Ideal Ice Cream is most famous for and you will get the answer ‘Gadbad’. So popular is this Ice Cream dessert that it has now become a generic name and imitations of this can be found in almost any Ice Cream parlour in coastal Karnataka. What’s significant about Ideal Ice Cream is that it is 100% vegetarian. No egg is used. Just pure fresh milk, cream and a secret formula that remains within the family.

To talk about Gadbad- It was created by Y. Prabhakar Kamath, the Founder of Ideal Ice Cream and father of Mukund Kamath, who runs the business presently. This ice-cream business started on May 1, 1975, with 14 flavours, has now nearly 50 plus flavours. To narrate more on Gadbad, in two years after the inception of the business, Prabhakar Kamath decided to do something different. He used his imagination and experimented a bit. And he came up with the combination for Gadbad ice-cream. In a tall glass, one layer of Kesar ice-cream, a thin layer of jelly, some dry-fruits, then strawberry ice-cream, fresh fruits and vanilla ice-cream. It was an instant hit with whoever tried it on. But yet, he took six months to introduce it to his customers. And he called it Gadbad because the ice-cream parlour workers could not mix and match the flavour properly. In Kannada, used to say they make gadidbidi… which means error. That’s how the name stuck. And Gadbad ice-cream is now the success story of Mangaluru.

Having bagged eight Awards-3 Best in India, 4 Gold/1 Silver in Great Indian Ice-Cream Contest, Ideal Ice Cream- a Mangaluru City-based Ice-Cream Company is always on the go- and has continuously been winning awards from the year 2008, and the year 2017 it has been a phenomenon with the company winning more awards than the previous years. And with the company slogan “Milky Way To Your Heart”- no doubt that Ideal Ice Cream has reached millions of its customers locally, nationally and internationally. And every Mangalorean should be proud of this Mangaluru based Icecream Company bagging awards nationally among other big Ice Cream Companies in India- and in the same time serving Ice Cream lovers the best ice creams and other frozen treats they are craving for.

Mangaluru is truly the pearl of the Arabian Sea and guardian of the West Coast. It is a land of exquisite cultures, charms and cuisines. A perfect blend of the traditional and the modern, it attracts thousands of visitors every day all year round. There are so many exciting things to see and visit in the cosmopolitan city, but undoubtedly, any visit to the city would be considered incomplete without relishing Ideal Ice Cream. The saga of Ideal Ice Cream began in the early seventies with the establishment of the mesmeric Ideal Ice Cream Parlour right in the heart of the city by visionary and entrepreneur, S. Prabhakar Kamath, where later in the years, His son, S. Mukund Kamath, who at the tender age of 20 took up the reins. Ever since then, Mukund has taken the brand to a new level, expanding the business, experimenting and exploring new territories.

The Ice Cream that first revolutionized the Ice Cream scenario in Mangaluru in 1975 continues to do so until today. The emerging new face of their packaging with its ever-vibrant colours and corporate feel reiterates our efforts to not only match up to their customer’s expectation but exceed it. With a wide assortment of delicious Ice Creams in almost 40+ flavours, they have achieved market leadership status in the category of Flavoured Ice Creams in India. Ever since Ideal’s Parlour on Market Road in Mangaluru was started on May 1, 1975, with 14 flavours- the rest was history. Their Ice Cream so tantalized the taste buds of Mangaloreans that people were willing to wait in the queue, just to get a chance to savour the Ice Cream. With the growing demand, expansion was inevitable. Today, Ideal’s has five parlours in Mangaluru city, one of which is the largest Ice Cream parlour in the country.

In recent time, Ideal Ice Cream has diversified its product portfolio to include a number of retail products. These include Ice Candies, Chocobars, Ice Lollies, Choconutz, Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Sundaes and Cups in a variety of flavours- and now in the mango season they have “Mango Ice Cream”, “More Than Aam Shorbet “; and Surprise Mango Dolly”. To this day, Ideal Ice Cream remains committed to developing exceptional new super-premium Ice Cream experiences, releasing new flavours every year. And it was Mukund Kamath who inherited a thriving Ice Cream business from his father S. Prabhakar Kamath, who started two ideal Ice Cream Parlours, Ideal Cafe in 2011, and Pabbas in 1996- and an outlet in the City Centre Mall.

Perhaps Mukund’s well-rounded personality provides him with the impetus to foresee trends and steer the business towards accomplishments. It is no wonder that he has been felicitated on being a young entrepreneur by several institutions of repute such as The Campco Ltd. and The Karnataka Pradesh Hotels Association. I inspect and taste every product of ours before it is marketed so that I am confident it would bring good reviews and compliments. Apart from the suggestions and ideas from our friends and customers for our accomplishments, our employees and the marketing department have played a vital role in the success of our company. All our employees are very passionate, dedicated and committed, and along with their hard work -the result is that we were able to bag many prestigious awards. My heartfelt thanks to all of them.”.

“We have always followed on the comments/suggestions and ideas put forth by our friends and customers, to make our products attain good quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, it has helped us to grow exponentially and to consistently deliver the signature taste of Ideal Ice Cream that you have come to associate with and expect from us. Write to us to help us grow further. And to our esteemed customers, my sincere and heartfelt thanks- you are also a part of our success and achievement,” added Mukund Kamath.

So this summer, while the Lockdown COVID-19 fear is still on, and not following up on false news that eating Ice Cream will spread COVID-19, pick up your phone and call or use your computer or smartphone- and order your favourite Ideal Ice Cream, and keep your tradition going, even during this lockdown period. And like they say, “I SCREAM. YOU SCREAM. WE ALL SCREAM for IDEAL ICE CREAM”- let it be that way, even during this hot summer lockdown days.


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