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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

BCH to BTC Exchange? – Here’s How You Can Do!

BCH to BTC Exchange? – Here’s How You Can Do! Bitcoin cash emerged on the first August and received immense popularity across the globe. Being...

The Boatman

Name : Adyln  RodriguesMother: Laveena RodriguesFather: Ronald RodriguesPlace : Valencia, Mangalore/ Qatar Adyln is studying in Class 9 of MES Indian School. Her hobbies...

I Love Giraffe

Name: Shannon NazarethDate Of Birth: 22-6-2001School: Merryland Kindergarten, Abu DhabiFather: Herald NazarethMother: Sonia Rodrigues Shannon has a cute little brother Collin. I love Giraffes. They have...

The Rescue

Name:  Kevin D'SouzaAge : 11 yearsFather's Name:  Stany D'SouzaMother's Name:  Lynette D'SouzaSister: Rovina D'SouzaPlace of Residence: DubaiKevin is studying in Grade 6 at St. Mary's High School,...

My Sweet Home

Name : Richa AlvaresDate of Birth : 21 - 1 - 1999School : Grade 3, Doha Modern Indian School, QatarFather : Vinaydeep AlvaresMother : Joyce...

Colourful Doll

Name: KaviyaAge: 5 YearsName of Father: SuryanarayananName of Mother: Shri ViddhaName of Brother: RahulSchool: Leens School  Kindergarten - Sr. K.G Hello dear Mangalorean.Com readers, My...

Glass Painting

Name:  Alisha D'SouzaDate of Birth: September 5, 1995Father:  Anil D'SouzaMother:  Sheela D'SouzaPlace of Residence:  Bendore, MangaloreHi friends, I'm studying in the 6th std. at...

A Seal in the circus

Name: Janice Mascarenhas Age: 8 YearsPlace of Residence: Abu DhabiSchool:  IV Standard,  Leens School Abu Dhabi Name of Father: Francis MascarenhasName of Mother: Manisha...

A Candle

Name: CANDACE  SHAY FERNANDES Place of residence: Abu DhabiName of the Father:  Claude Fernandes Name of the Mother: Sandra FernandesDate of Birth: 10th November...

An inch-worm

Name: Megan SanthumayorD.O.B :  November 16, 2001Mother's name : Priya SanthumayorFather's name : Ivan SanthumayorBrother's name: Brandon SanthumayorSchool name   : St.Frances Cabrini- New Jersey My...

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