Kinnigoli: Movement of Lone Leopard Unsettles Residents of Aikala Surroundings

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Kinnigoli: Punaroor, Aikala, Damaskatte, Talipadi, Elinje, Kemral and otherleop-aikala villages around have been the favourite haunts of leopards in recent years.

A female and its two cubs were being spotted at regular frequency a few months ago. In June, a female leopard had got entangled in a snare in Aikala. It was rescued by forest personnel and shifted to Pilikula park.

Many residents are of the opinion that the cubs have grown up and are on the lookout for food in the surroundings. For over a fortnight, a leopard has been showing up in the fields belonging to Nancy Lobo in Batalike, Kurumbilguttu Doddanna Shetty and Mittakurumbil Sharada Shetty and also parts of Kallakumeru.

It has reportedly made it a routine to squat and spread itself near the fields and wait to grab household animals like cattle and dogs.

It has often approached their houses from close distance. This has spread scare in the whole area. About a week ago, a few women spotted it on the way to a temple. Four days ago, when some other women who had gone to fetch fodder for cattle, they are said to have heard its roar and come home running out of fear.

Forest officials were not available for comment. What action they have been taking is yet to be known.

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