Judicial Custody of Rajeshwari, Niranjan Bhat and Navaneeth extended to September 6

  • Judicial Custody of Rajeshwari, Niranjan Bhat and Navaneeth extended to September 6

  • Bhaskar Shetty Murder case: All four accused produced before Court

Update: The main accused of Bhaskar Shetty murder case Rajeshwari Shetty produced before the court at 2 pm. The court has also   extended judicial custody of Rajeshwari Shetty till September 6.

The hearing of the application for DNA profiling of blood samples from Bhaskar Sherry’s mother and elder brother was done on August 24. After the hearing the court has ordered the DNA test. The application was moved by the police on August 13. The hearing date was postponed  since the case was transferred to the CID.
Rajeshwari Shetty, Navaneeth Shetty, Shrinivas Bhat and Raghavendra Bhat have moved the bail applications through Mangaluru based advocates in the Principal Civil Judge Magistrate (Senior Division) and Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. Advocate Arun Bangera and Arun Kumar Shetty are representing Rajeshwari Shetty and Navaneeth Shetty while A Vikram Hegde is representing Srinivas Bhat and Raghavendra Bhat. The hearing for the bail application will be held on September 6. Since there is no advocate representing Niranjan Bhat to move his bail application, the court has provided a government advocate. Niranjan Bhat said that he will appoint his own advocate for the next hearing.

update: The Court has extended Judicial custody of Niranjan Bhat and Navaneeth till September 6. while Niranjan Bhat’s father Srinivas Bhat and driver Raghavendra have been remanded to police custody till Aug 29.

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Udupi: All the five accused in the murder of Hotelier Bhaskar Shetty were produced before the court by the Police here on August 24.

The Judicial coustody of Bhaskar Shetty’s son Navaneeth, Astrologer Niranjan Bhat, Bhats father Shrinivas Bhat and driver Raghavendra ended on August 24, they were produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court by the Investigating officer.


bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-00 bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-01 bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-02 bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-03 bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-04

Bhaskar Shetty, a hotelier, had gone missing from his house on July 28 , his mother Gulabi Shetty lodged a missing persons complaint at the Manipal police station on July 29. The police arrested his son Navaneeth on charges of murdering Shetty and destroying evidence on August 7.

The police arrested Niranjan Bhat, an astrologer who was a close friend of Navaneeth, at Nitte on August 8 for allegedly disposing of Bhaskar Shetty’s body after burning it in the Yagna Kunda room in his house at Nandalike. He allegedly disposed of the body in a rivulet at Palli village, about 8 km from Nandalike. So far, the police have not recovered the body.


bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-05 - Copy bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-05 bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-06 - Copy bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-06 bhaskar-shetty-murder-case-court-produce-20160824-07

The police arrested two more accused, Srinivas Bhat, father of Niranjan Bhat, and Raghavendra, Niranjan’s car driver, at Nandalike village on August 10 on charges of destruction of evidence in the case.

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