Naresh Shenoy’s Wife’s Plaint against WhatsApp Group

Naresh Shenoy’s Wife’s Plaint against WhatsApp Group

Mangaluru: As the city police are trying to track down Naresh Shenoy, founder of NaMo Brigade and alleged main accused in the murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga, there has been another development in the case.

His wife Sumana Shenoy has filed a complaint in the JMFC II court stating that her husband had earned a good name in organizational work in the social and religious fields. Some individuals, who could not bear his success, have been circulating his picture with the caption ‘Wanted dead or alive’ in the social media, she has complained.

In her plaint, she has named 41 persons including Ravindra Mallya of V T Road, Anantesh Bhat and R Ganapati Baliga of Car Street among others, running a WhatsApp group called ‘Shri Devalache Sevak’. In spite of her request not to do it, they have reportedly been continuing their activities.

The magistrate has instructed the Barke police to hold an inquiry.

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  1. If so be the case, then its evident that his wife is aware of his location. Why cant police take her in the custody and do the investigation about his whereabouts ?? I really feel all to be hand in glove, including some of the community guys.

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