An Exclusive Interview with Lady Corona aka Covid-19!

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An Exclusive Interview with Lady Corona aka Covid-19!

“Thank you so much for publishing my First article (Gangamma’a diary). I have been bitten by the writing bug and am now always thinking about what to write next.. Since my midterm exams are ongoing, I will be sending you more articles after my exams. I have many ideas in my head, can’t wait to type them out and send them across to you. Thank you so much, Uncle Alfie and team, for giving me the opportunity to showcase my writing talents on your platform” – Leah March Rodrigues, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Hello readers and enjoy this exclusive interview! Lady Corona has kindly accepted my invitation to tea. In this exclusive interview – Interviewee- Lady Corona, and Interviewer- Leah

Leah: Hello Lady Corona!. I hope you don’t mind but I have to comply with the COVID-19 precautionary methods and wear a mask and gloves. I also have with me here some sanitizer, in case you decide to try any tricks.

Lady Corona: Hello darling!. And of course hello to all my fans reading this exclusive interview with me, the glamourous…

Leah: Right, that’s enough banter. Let’s get down to business. Lady Corona, how did you err…escape?!

Lady Corona: I may have broken out from my prison in a Wuhan laboratory or I might have hidden in bats to go on a world tour!! Up to you to guess. I love guessing games.

Leah: Okay, next question- any dampeners on your world tour so far?

Lady Corona: Soap, Sanitizer, Masks, Gloves and Water are my sworn enemies. I hate them so much. I think they were designed to bring my kind down!

Leah: How could something your size cause so much chaos? And how do you manage to travel so quickly from one place to another?

Lady Corona: I actually did not expect to infect so many humans, but as so many people flout the COVID precaution methods, I have my work cut out for me. I don’t really travel to places, I create minions that do all the work for me. I just sit back and watch the chaos unfolding.

 Leah: How are your minions born?

Lady Corona: Don’t you know that my kind has the ability to photocopy themselves? You know, those machines where you press a button and copies of the original are automatically created? I just enter a human’s mouth, eyes or nose and create a copy of myself. Then my minion creates another copy and that copy creates another copy- you get the idea. They can create so many copies in just one person! But they could never upstage the real star, and that’s me- the queen of coronavirus.

Leah: Just a curious question- who made you the Queen?

Lady Corona: Darling, take a close look at me under a microscope- I have club-shaped spikes. That is how I got my name- Coronavirus. In Latin, the word Corona means crown. But I am not a walking, virus encyclopedia. I only know this because it is about me. I love anything related to me!

Leah: Who are your main targets?

Lady Corona: Everyone is equal to me- the rich, poor, world leaders, film stars- oh! That reminds me, you humans need to make a movie about me. I am just so famous. Every single household in the world knows about me. I have kept the newspapers busy- haven’t I? Now, where was I? I am chatty. Oh right, the movie stars, educated, uneducated, everyone has the honour of being infected by me!

‘Lady Corona’ drawing by Miss Leah Rodrigues

Leah: I don’t think that it’s an honour being infected. You’ll see, we humans will find a way to end your reign!

Lady Corona: We shall see, we shall see. My plan is to conquer the world. I have conquered more than that Alexander the great.

Leah: Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure of interviewing you, Lady Corona.

Lady Corona: Any time darling, any time. I am going to be around a while, so hope we bump into each other soon.

Leah (muttering under her breath): Hope a vaccine is found soon I can’t stand this drama queen.

About the Interviewer- Leah March Rodrigues:

Miss Leah March Rodrigues, daughter of Santhosh and Ashel Rodrigues, residing in Abu Dhabi is 11 yrs old, and studying at St. Joseph’s School, Abu Dhabi in Grade: 6. She has a little sister, Gina Mary who is five years old, seen in the photo above. Leah’s hobbies are Reading, Thinking, Writing, Drawing and Sketching, Singing and lots more interesting things.

“Despite the pandemic, chaos, destruction of mother nature etc I have managed to thrive on this earth for 11 years. That I think is an achievement in itself. Apart from that I play the violin and clinging rungs of Trinity music exams. I am an altar server at St. Joseph’s Church, Abu Dhabi. I won a book reading contest in 2016, during UAE’s year of reading” says Leah..

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  1. Wow, dear Leah, that’s yet another well scripted interview with Lady Corona. Keep writing ???

  2. Dear Leah,
    Your creative potential seems limitless?. Corona has helped in bringing out your creativity.? God bless.

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