Baliga Murder – Naresh, 6 Others Chargesheeted

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Baliga Murder – Naresh, 6 Others Chargesheeted

Mangaluru: Just ahead of the 90 days’ mandatory deadline, a chargesheet was filed on Thursday against seven persons in connection with the murder of RTI activist Vinayak Pandurang Baliga.


A 770-page primary chargesheet was filed by ACP Tilakchandra, who is the designated investigating officer, to the third additional district and sessions court.

NaMo Brigade founder Naresh Shenoy has been named as the prime accused, while Shrikant, Shiva, Vineet, Nishit Devadiga, Shailesh and Manjunath Shenoy are the co-accused.


The document contains information on the freezing of Naresh Shenoy’s bank accounts, a few two-wheelers owned by him, the lethal weapons used in the killing, an autorickshaw, a Toyota Qualis car and a Ritz car seized by the police.

Since the prime accused, Naresh Shenoy is still at large, an additional chargesheet will be filed after his arrest, according to police sources. His application for an anticipatory bail has been turned down by the state high court.

In the meantime, more arrests are likely, said informed sources.

In spite of heavy pressure from different quarters, the police have made a significant breakthrough by filing the chargesheet, say those who are fighting for justice for the Baliga family.

They have specially commended city police commissioner for staying firm in the prevailing circumstances and developments.

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  1. Hey Rampa,

    The accused are NaMo Brigade founder Naresha Shenoya, Shrikantha, Shiva, Vineeta, Nisheeta Devadiga, Shailesha, and Manjunatha Shenoya…… hmmm….. sounds like chaps from ISIS or Boko Haram or Somali pirates, right?

  2. Anganawaadi joker Praveena Pinto still doesn’t understand the idea of ‘trend’!! Unlike vimaana nildaana cases, the muder suspects in mangalooru area come from diversified background. The religious hatred towards sanaathana dharma has been the main reason behind Beef Club’s inability to see the reality over generations!! US-rejected Praveena just happens to be the product of this strange culture even though his masters are long gone.

    • “US-rejected Praveena just happens to be the product of this strange culture even though his masters are long gone.” – RampaNNA

      My what was “rejected”? Weren’t my Kundali, jathaka and Vastu rejected too? Come on ya Rampa, the MOST merciful, please add those 3 too to my “rejected” list. You see, by the year end you HAVE to come up with at least a dozen things that have been allegedly “rejected” for me.

      Lol! When the Joker has nothing to rebut, he hopes and prays to his Gods (imaginary, of course) that his silly reference to my allegedly ‘Yummmreeki eeza’ will bring him some salvation and help him save face. What a joker!

      And hey, aren’t YOU the one who is sitting in the land of my alleged “Masters” and PAYING somewhere between 25 – 40% tax for it too? 😉

      And to make matters worse, our Yumreeki RampaNNA simply fails to comprehend why I posted the names of those despicable chaps who snuffed out an innocent life. You see, it is YOU have been busy copy-pasting names of those morons apprehended with smuggled Mackenna’s gold in places where the sun doesn’t shine. As though people out here cannot read and form their OWN conclusions? ALL you are doing is – polarizing people and communities while portraying your RSS stooges to be altar boys who wouldn’t know what to do even if a peeled banana were to be put in their mouths.

      And to make matters worse, you wake up from your pipe-dream and start hallucinating – “IF this WERE to have happened to a Church or Mosque….people would blame Nendrakai Podi, RSS, ThyampaNNA Bhandary et al…… blah blah lah dee dah! Darn! You remind me of Vitalstatistix (from Asterix & Obelix) who ALWAYS worries about the sky falling down on his goddamned nut!

      And you derive immense pleasure from it. So much so, that I can actually imagine you rubbing your grubby & sweaty palms with glee from across the pond!

      And then again, you are a self-proclaimed ‘versatile genius’ like Garnab Arswami and his ‘elite’ panelists – such as MR(I) Venkatesha (Chartered Accountant), Rahula Eeshwara (God alone what he does for a living, but then I swear that he could very well model for some Shampoo), Daaktre Sambitaa Patraa (Beef jokers Party spokesperson), General GD Bakshi (retired military fella), Mahroof Raza (defense expert), Raghav Chadda (A CA & spokesperson for AAP) et al.

      Those blokes are all experts on diverse topics such as – Brexit’s effect on the EU and India, Balloon Angioplasty, Nuke deals, the ceiling/cruising altitude of Agusta Westland choppers, cleanup Ganga, Fecal Streptococci, Patanjali Atta Noodles, Astrophysics, Macro & Micro economics, Comparative religions & Revelations – Chapter 13 in particular, the El Nino phenomenon, the extinct Dodo, dwindling Rhinos, Fracking, methamphetamine, cure for various cancers……. etc.

      Those blokes know everything about everything and together with our beloved Cacofonix (Garnab Arswami), they dissect, analyze and ‘solve’ ALL the above issues and THAT TOO on ‘National Television! After all, the country NEEDS to know, you see!

      And YOU, dear Rampa…. belong to such an ‘elite’ club. God bless and cheers! 🙂

  3. ..”still doesn’t understand the idea of ‘trend’!! – Rampa

    OUCH! My comment must have hurt for you to have reacted in such typical knee-jerk fashion!

    Poor RampaNNA. Neither here in Namma kudla nor there in Yumreeka and yet BLABBERS on and on about stuff from both sides of the pond like he is the Messiah for both sides! What a sick joke!

    You see, we ain’t talking about some ‘trends’ out here. The point is – YOU gotta stop pointing out at a particular community or communities and start imagining stuff and say – “IF this happened to a CHURCH… blah blah…..” and bring in your RSS Kumpadhr’s too.

    Artha aand atha Rampa?

  4. Look at this genius from Beef Club who posted two lengthy incoherent responses to my earlier post!! It’s also sad to see how he can’t seem to focus on one subject for more than 3 mins. He has jumped all over the places bringing up US federal tax to names of commentators in a private TV channel!! One can only despise and wonder at the extent of cultural damage caused by his masters to result in generations of these clueless geniuses!!

    • “One can only despise and wonder at the extent of cultural damage caused by his masters to result in generations of these clueless geniuses” – RamPanna

      OUCH.. AAAh…….. Owwww… YET another knee-jerk reaction from out ‘nahin idar, nahin udar’ ThyampaNNA.

      Ummm.. but then, u have a ‘paaaint’. The cultural damage MUST have caused you to migrate to the land of my alleged masters. NOW, just ask yourself….. WHY did such a ‘versatile genius’ such as YOU have to move to Yumreeka? See what people mean by ‘brain-drain’?

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  6. What does he know about Kannada actors? – Rampa

    Ayyo Rampa, yen helthiri saaru?

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    Enchina poora bundle budpa maraya?

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    1. “God promise, i will kill you!”

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    Kuladla Kannada dialogues boda, RampaNNA? As Matthew 7:7 says – Ask and it will be given to you….seek and you will find…

    Cheers Rampu.

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    Say, any more Mackenna’s Gold stories? 😉

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