Cow Falls Prey to Leopard in Parkala – Cage Set for Capture

Udupi: Over the past week, there were reports about a few persons having spotted leopards from close distance in Parkala.

The news was confirmed when a cow was found half-eaten and dead at the gate of Shyamala Shetty, located at the end of Devinagar I main road in Parkala late after midnight of Wednesday.


A while earlier, a dog belonging to Ibrahim Balkunje, a resident of the same street, kept howling after midnight. When everyone around came out to check, the cow was found dead in half-eaten condition.

Ravindra Kamath, the local panchayat member, was informed immediately. Locals along with the forest department personnel and Hoysala police team, gathered together to work out a plan to capture the predator.

A lump of flesh from the dead cow was plucked and placed in a cage which was brought. The forest personnel are monitoring the situation and make every effort to capture two leopards which have been on prowl in the area during the past few days.

Kabhi idhar, kabhi udhar!

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