Udupi: Leopard Locked up in Outhouse in Shirva Gives a Slip and Escapes into Forest

Udupi: A leopard that had strayed from the forest got into an unused shed outside the house of James Christopher in Kutyar near Shirva on early Friday morning around 4.


When the dogs began barking in a strange manner, he and others came out to check and to their horror spotted the animal.

With some quick thinking, they locked up the outhouse and informed neighbours and forest personnel. They arrived with a cage around 6 am. More personnel arrived from Udupi, Shirva and Belmannu.

Around 9 am, the cage was set at the door so that the big cat could walk straight into it. But the leopard appeared to have hidden under the stock of old goods in the shed.

The forest staff and other villagers decided to make it move out somehow. They climbed on top of the roof and removed a stretch of tiles with an intention of driving it away from the hiding spot by using a stick and make it walk into the cage.

But the moment the leopard saw an opening in the roof which allowed bright light to come in, instead of walking out through the door, it leapt up to the ceiling, jumped out of the opening made and immediately escaped into the forest nearby.

On the one hand, the forest personnel’s mission failed and on the other, the people living in the surroundings are living in fear because the animal hovering around the place could pose danger to humans and animals.

Leopards here, leopards there!


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