Leopard Reportedly Spotted near Vittal

Leopard Reportedly Spotted near Vittal

Bantwal: Reports about a leopard being seen moving around in Vittal Padnur village are being heard for the past ten days.

Some of them could be rumours since no one had seen it. But after a goat was carried away from the house of Abdul Rahiman in Chanila, the residents have become alert and also scared.

A few days ago, the goat suddenly began bleating loudly and running around aimlessly around 10 pm. The neighbours heard the sound and came out to check what was happening.

They saw a leopard which had grabbed the goat in its mouth running away. On being informed, Rahiman and family members went in search of it all over the hillock adjacent to their residential area. They found the half-eaten carcass halfway.

The forest officials have visited the spot and registered the incident.

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Leopards here, leopards there!

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