‘Aspire to Inspire’

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‘Aspire to Inspire’

Hailing from a humble background from a village in Karkala taluk, Udupi district, Nasira Banu has succeeded in realizing her goal of becoming a judicial magistrate, on 2020 June 13.

Gujarat’s youngest IPS officer Safin Hasan, who became the youngest IPS (Indian Police Service) from Gujarat at the age of 22, shares his passion for Civil Services, obstacles and challenges he faced during the journey and now, he is looking to improve the current law and order situation in the country.

The above-voiced personalities who brought aspiration, confidence and hope by opting standing out from the crowd, to “stand-alone” is an eye-opener to all the parents who train, track and try hard their children to be only Doctors or engineers or Gulf returnees. Is it only the career that our children should aim at or want to accomplish in life? The world is broad, large and vast enough to travel, tour and transit. There are plenty and a plethora of opportunities to embrace, a variety of faculties to make a deferent in society or dare to be different or to set a niche in one’s life. If so why monotony, boredom or tedium? Why only one uniform, rigid systematic way thinking?

Grow up like any other child: we are natural being and have to grow naturally. The bird which is in the cage looks outside for freedom because it should be out in the natural logical or usual world to be free and fearless and not inside the wall as moron and mourning. The modern parents have one child or by mistake two children but they cannot make them live as an artificial unnatural or unreal entity and individual. Grow as a normal healthy hearty lively child and build up one’s personality founded on essential necessary and vital values.

Focus on your goal: Today the children are smart bold and brainy really intelligent. A young mind is so innovative, ingenious and inventive. Create an ambience, atmosphere and surroundings of a possible goal to achieve with full of self-confidence, mood or spirit. Jumping from one goal to another or from one company to another does not serve the purpose to accomplish attain or achieving something solid sturdy in life. The butterflies float flutter from flower to flower but bees sit deeply until remarkable achieved.

Unique and universal: There is only one “I” in this world and this I cannot be replaced reinstated, recovered or imitated. Unique and universal is the trademark, motto or maxim should be our life. I do not live today for the sake of my friend or parents or teachers or film stars or celebrities but I live my life which is unique but based on universal law build in the natural environment.

Social but civil: I am not born to be myself but larger society or universe. My relation with other is of animating, empowering or to say taking others to reach their ambition, objective or goal. We need to be social and civil means to say disciplined, decent, modest, noble and polite. Today’s youth are full of talents, generous and genius, proud to call them as our children but have a role to lead the citizen to follow the law of the land. Attempting surely coming out with flying colours in the competitive exam is to be the focus in the neo- pandemic era. As a Bureaucrat, one must get into the mainstream of the administration of the nation.

Conscience compassion contribution: These are the three jewels or pearls a youth must adore, admire, delight and wear honourably and justly. We have an inner voice that is God’s, speaks what is right and wrong. Form the conscience based on the kingdom values thought lived and died by our master Jesus. Compassion, humanity and sympathy are the virtues to be gracefully, elegantly and graciously to be adored. Power position prestige is short-lived and lived short but compassionate heart and the life lived is a pleasant memory to take one’s cause further and deeper. Building bridges and not the walls between the people creed and caste is should be the primary motto and goal. Positive thoughts and deeds always cherished forever, they play a decisive, key and vital role in building humanity. May this is an aspiration to inspire many youngsters to go for the mainstream of the Nation.

    Fr Joachim D’Souza, Capuchin is a catholic priest obtained his Doctorate in the faculty of Human Rights. He has finished his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Laws (LLB) and completed Masters in Sociology and Laws (LLM). He is engaged in teaching philosophical and Theological colleges and a resource person in current subjects at various institutions. As an advocate mediates to settle the long-pending litigations of property, families and drafts the legal documents. Presently resides at Asha Kiran, Heroor, Brahamavar, Udupi, Karnataka, India.

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  1. Your articles are always focussing on humanity. This article is an eye-opener for us parents, how to show the career to our children, guiding them on the right path. thank you fr.

  2. ‘Aspire to Inspire’ is an innovative, illuminative and an impressive article of Fr. Dr. Joachim D’Souza gives an enlightening information to both children and parents. In a highly competitive, unhealthy society where some parents are aspiring to make their children the photocopies of monotonic professions, this article stimulates every child if God to stand out alone and make a difference in the society by his/her very life, animating – empowering relationship and service. Being a unique person, one is universal in his/her outlook says the article.
    If every youth wears C3 jewels honorably and justly without being a slave to P3 drugs, one can be a man of integrity to inspire others to aspire for their original goals and live the kingdom values like Jesus our Teacher who aspired to inspire others throughout his life.
    Congratulations Fr. Dr. Joachim D’souza, capuchin. God bless you.

  3. Nice article It’s an eye opener for all. Congratulations father Jochim for your good work All the best

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