‘I can’t breathe’

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‘I can’t breathe’
He begged for his life to breathe freedom of love joy peace life family
Pleaded for his life to take care beloved wife his little daughter Gianna
Nothing stopped Chauvin removing left knee between his head and neck
8 Minutes and 46 Seconds created history mankind never forgive bloofer
Pinned beneath three police officers showing no signs of life dead dread now
He lay there face down in handcuffs revealed justice laughs truth lives forever
Animal face Chauvin barbarous brutal Cruel sadistic ruthless vicious displayed
‘I can’t breathe’ Floyd begged prayed pleaded emotional but ‘last will’ ignored
Floyd’s Six minutes torture pain suffering vibrant living person lifeless dead wood
Checking Floyd’s right wrist couldn’t find even one heart beat yet humanity dead
Pronounced dead around an hour later selfish power hungry heartless stony officer
Houston to Minneapolis moved work unarmed black to feed sustain nourish family
Prison to home gentle giant generous renewed repaired restored and prodigal son
Known to loved ones as Big Floyd a friendly cool cordial pleasant delightful customer
Black and white in the name of gods racism rivalry murder manslaughter all sorts ism

Blood water in both coloured same no difference diffident diversity variety
Colour caste immaterial trivial frivolous but He wants to see His image
Enmity enormity goes to that extension butchers knife God’s plan
You try so hard to put faith in the system designed to destroy God
Growth appalled stunned ideas shocked beauty blinds humanity
When you constantly seek justice bare law breaks bond feelings
Accessed love for blind laws power corrupts man absolutely
Power anger jealousy cruelty sees nothing but destructions
Begged for air to breathe denied refuse reject rebuff cling to
Pleaded for his life to take care adore admire beloved denied
Cruelty curiosity destroys shatter maim revenge raze humanity
Man Floyd black but he is created after God’s image and likeness
Nobody is bestowed power to take law in one’s hand but justice
Soiled man goes to soil bare empty naked nude with pure deeds
I can’t breathe last cry went high the voice heard brothers blood cries
Do you want breathe worship chant esteem revere venerate LOVE?

    Fr Joachim D’Souza Capuchin

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  1. Dear Fr Joachim……. you have brought out the real injustice that is done. Where is the respect for human person. Where is the respect for human life. Where is the respect for human values. Due to Ego, selfishness, superiority compex humanness is forgotten. The poem reminds us to become human first in our daily life in our dealings with others. Thanks Fr for your kind reflections through this poem.

  2. Yes, Black lives matter, others’ do not
    Police do not show their brutality on non-blacks
    Unjustified killings do not happen outside of USA
    Indians have run out of things to talk about
    And in the middle of it all, an attempt to sandwich a non-specific deity to talk sense out of it all

  3. Fr. Joachim well written. White or black, both are God’s creation. You have rightly said, blood color remains the same for all human beings, air we breath, sunlight we share is all the same. Colors are immaterial, it is man made difference and discrimination.
    What has happened is nothing but ego of few people, arrogance of power, feeling of superiority just because of that one thing – a white color.!!
    Hope the system will change at least after this. Hope the judiciary system of the US punishes these officers with severe and well deserved punishment. Only then in the times to come, other officials will be on their guard, before doing anything like this.
    Let us learn to respect every human being who is God’s creation. Let us learn to ” live and let live” . Let us learn to respect a life in our lives. Being Human is more important than a Human being. !!
    Stay Blessed Fr. Joachim

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