‘Love one another not like one another’

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‘Love one another not like one another’


Introduction: There is a trend to go for uniform and uniformity by this our thinking goes widely that we are united one in heart and mind, many times is a mirage and fantasy than actuality. Unity is external attire, costume or apparel, hardly any times bring your mind and heart together to assume and say that we are one. Imitating others externally does not serve the purpose of being together or united emotionally and rationally. Imitating others may the hair dress style behaving many times dangerous, fatal nasty or cancerous. One cannot sell market or peddle one’s personality for cheap popularity reputation or publicity. Personality is something not borrowed but innate built developed advanced matured and cherished throughout one’s life. Pope Francis strongly and solidly said love one another and not like one another. Very stirring and touching message is given to the world on June 29, 2020.

The situation of Today: Globalization or industrialization or democracy or dictatorship or digitalization or day of data or any ‘ism’ for that matter, if the heart is desolate devoid dry hollow or hard or stony then your position power poses is futile ineffective impractical and fruitless. The Lord as you stand in front of Him on the judgment day He will never ask how many buildings have you erected or how many documents got ready or how many country/ community/ toured or how you decorated your house with interlock/marble/electric lights/decoration but the eternal Judge will ask only one down to earth simple question what have you done to the least of my children your little sister and brother? If I do not have an answer to give then my dreamy fanciful or pensive land collapses my day topples, tumbles because my entire personality is built or framed on sandy or dusty ground.

Unity is in loving and not only in leaning/liking: Liking is the beginning stage of love but it is not the end top term point of any solid stable study substantial relationship. One should move from liking to loving that makes the relationship lasting solid like the rock. Love is another form of dedication, passion and consistent performance. The best technique to evaluate happiness is to understand the value of a situation and act upon it wisely. We can say that happiness is indirectly proportional to love. Happiness is not something we can bargain or buy it has to be created. Love is not merely the absence of war but it is a state of peace. Abiding eternal stable lasting love can come only to pleasant pleasing pretty lovely people.

Unity in service and not in party power: Today many people want to take advantage of the ongoing and current crisis and crunch. This is not only prevalent prevailing or popular by the grass root people but more so by the uppermost people those who so-called white collared people. My position my department my power is important than the basic need (food shelter and clothing) of the people. Those who are in power misuse it for their selfish motives or self-centred plans to accomplish. People are used to glorifying one’s ambition appetite aspiration or unfilled dream. To fulfill I am ready to suck inhale or absorb the blood of innocent upright honest people. Power cannot be service but domination determination superiority supremacy oppression. I create a system which is beneficial feasible or viable to my goal. What we needed is to create a system which feels and understands the heartbeat of the poor people, wipes their tears and provides justice. It is a time to swim against the current, beat the waves and control the tides then the life becomes sweet aura or balm.

Patient beaten to death for not paying hospital bill

Aligarh (UP), Jul 3, 2020, A daily wage labourer was allegedly beaten to death by the hospital staff following an argument over payment of bills on Thursday. The brazen attack was caught on a CCTV camera and the police are probing the incident.

Unity in empathy and not in pain publicity: There are people who wait for the pathetic
situation to market their hidden obscure secluded agenda. What is the use of having publicity when you are not one with the suffering, broken, crippled crumbled, crushed humanity? There are people who enjoy by inflicting pain on others (sadists). This is common nowadays in the family, religious and political life. If a wife does not agree with the husband then the husband will create a situation more dangerous to her to live, if a religious does not think in a uniform way he or she may be pushed to the wall. If someone criticizes or defers from his thinking then he/she will be eliminated forever. This is how the world works today, sometimes subtle or other time openly. The criminals are allowed to roam freely and the honest, innocent is jailed for silly or no fault at all.

Vikas Dubey, the main accused in the killing of eight policemen in Kanpur, holds a
notorious record of criminal activities and proximity to politicians. Dubey is named in 60 criminal cases in Kanpur, with several linked to murder, attempt to murder, robbery, and charges under the Uttar Pradesh Gangsters and Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act, the police said but he moves freely and openly.

Today we have developed a dry and high attitude in life, dead to humanity and slave to some selfish parties. Feelings emotions are sold to power and position or sacrificed at the altar of self-indulgence, values are compromised and concentrated on how to grab position.

Unity is going beyond our ego to find that true good and peace: Today ego is blotted
up and rules the day. Who wants peace and goodness? To say sincerely if anyone wants to
come to power he or she must create situation unrest or create trouble, tumult and turmoil. Diver and deviate the people from the actual, real, sincere situation. The irony of the people they simply blindly believe and live in the unreal and bluffed world. If the world is created or moves in this direction can there be goodness and peace be experienced? Time has come to paint a rainbow in our heart for peace and unity.

Conclusion: we are not machines with screws and structures but human beings with blood and body, feelings and emotions. I am not ruled by my liking but the basic character which I am created love and the love should rule the world. ‘One word frees us of all density, gravity, weight and pain of life: that word is love’ says Sophocles. Let us strive as Hans Urs
von Balthasar said ‘ Even if a unity of faith is not possible, a unity of love is’.

    Fr Joachim D’Souza, Capuchin is a catholic priest obtained his Doctorate in the faculty of Human Rights. He has finished his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Laws (LLB) and completed Masters in Sociology and Laws (LLM). He is engaged in teaching philosophical and Theological colleges and a resource person in current subjects at various institutions. As an advocate mediates to settle the long-pending litigations of property, families and drafts the legal documents. Presently resides at Asha Kiran, Heroor, Brahamavar, Udupi, Karnataka, India.

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