The latest on the Vinayak Baliga case

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The latest on the Vinayak Baliga case

Mangaluru: “When I went to the residence of the murdered activist Vinayak Baliga, I found the family in the prayer room all devoutly praying before their favourite Gods. A thought crossed my mind of hard-boiled atheist that I am – if a God or Gods do exist on whose side would they be? If they were to be on the side of the victim Baliga and his bereaved family they should certainly be against the accused and see that the guilty are brought to justice”.


“But in the same case, accused no 1 had a fortnight back performed a big Puja spending huge amounts to propitiate the very same Gods whom the Baliga family worships! This was attended by a large number of his well-wishers including the local BJP MP. The very same person, who used to frequent Baliga’s house in the good old days – when both of them were ordinary workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party”.

According to some then, he used to ride pillion on Vinayak Baliga’s two wheeler for the party as well as personal work. That the public has a short memory is well known but politicians have even shorter ones- particularly to those who have been used and are no longer useful. That could be again because Baliga was only a booth level worker while those allegedly behind the murder are all highly placed in the party. Again, the Gods may be greedy for money because the Baliga family being hard up can offer only prayers and tears.

As for the investigations into the case, they seem to be proceeding at the proverbial snails place and one does not know whether the snail is still alive or has met a sticky end. It has been alleged that the last straw which resulted in the ghastly murder of Vinayak Baliga was a letter which he had written to the present incumbent of the chair of the Head of Kashi Math. This letter is said to have been a very vitriolic communication addressing the Swamiji by his previous name by which he used to be known before taking up sanyas.

There are records at the Post office that a registered letter had been posted to this person to the address of his Delhi camp in the first week of March 2016 and two weeks later Baliga was murdered. It is also rumored that the Mangalore police have sent a notice to the Math for the production of this communication. Since the police are tight lipped about this matter. we do not know whether the same has been produced or not. If it is obtained and its contents are what they are suspected to be, then it would be a crucial piece of evidence for establishing who the men were behind this case.

While the preliminary charge sheet has been submitted permission of the court had been sought for the filing of additional charge sheets. It is not known as to whether this has been done, but since there is no time limit for such that should not be too much of a problem. While one wonders as to how the accused no 1 in a sensational murder case that too of an RTI activist who has been murdered by a cold-blooded plot can get bail, the Baliga family has decided to challenge the order of the High court in the supreme court.

The order of the Mangalore sessions court refusing to subject the accused no 1 Naresh Shenoy to narco analysis and brain mapping has been challenged in the high court by the parents of Vinayak Baliga. One can only wonder as to how a person claiming to be innocent can have any objection to a test whose results cannot be even used as evidence in a court of law!

Well, they say wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine. Let us wait and watch in this case whether they grind at all due to all the spanners that are being thrown into them.

For Desha Premi Sanhgatanegala Okkuta, Mangalore
Narendra Nayak

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  1. The Congress has lost a great chance of reviving party fortunes in the undivided Canara striking under the table deal with Sangh parivar which is still run by the old party stalwart.

    Namo founder Naresh shenoy prosecution may have seriously dented the BJP image in the center and regional level. The RSS which has considerable influence in the law enforcement and judicial system kept the mass media away from highlighting the issue.In the same time delay tactics applied by the law enforcement gave enough time to destroy all the evidence. The regional media very effectively diverted the citizens attention by misinformation about his whereabouts in the meantime accused enjoyed safe heaven provided by powerful sitting peoples representatives. His conviction may have exposed the sitting MP’s and MLA’s nexus in district of Mangalore,Chikmangalore and Udupi which party will never like to lose its strong base.

    There is huge nexus between Sangh parivar ,law enforcement ,judicial, people’s representative and powerful religious leaders in this district which made the bail easy.

    Namo may be free bird today. It is complete failure of our judicial system which is influenced by muscle and money power.

    Hope God give Baliga’s parents patience to bear the loss of loved ones. There will no injustice in the court of God. It will happen.

    Jai Hind

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