Mangaluru: Another Chain-snatching Incident in City, This Time at Kadri Kambla

Mangaluru: Reports about chain-snatching incidents, in broad daylight too, continue to take place in the city.

Cautions are given regularly about the risk involved in wearing heavy gold while being or moving around in places with low human movement.

Mahalakshmi, a resident of the city, was waiting for an autorickshaw near Vijaya Clinic on Kadri Kambala road on Saturday.

An unidentified young man arrived in a bike, slowed it down near her and snatched her two-stringed gold chain. Most part of it got snapped and pulled away. The man fled in no time.

The total value of the chain was five sovereign, worth Rs 90,000. It was corals with it. About four sovereign gold was lost, leaving a small part in the woman’s neck.

A case has been registered at the Kadri police station.

The same old story!

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