Woman Loses Rs 3.42 Lakh-worth Gold to Snatcher at Dongerkeri

Mangaluru: All the cautions and frequent incidents reported in the media apart, care is not being taken about wearing heavy gold while moving around in dark or secluded places.

Yet another woman from the city lost her heavy gold ornaments, worth Rs 3.42 lakh, to a miscreant on Wednesday night. Usha M Kini (67), a resident of Dongerkeri in the city, had come to Car Street to attend the car festival.


Accompanied by a few neighbours, she was walking back home towards Bhoja Rao lane, a young man suddenly appeared and snatched the jewellery from her neck.

As she was trying to stop him, he pushed her down and then fled with another man who was waiting for him.

The lost jewellery included a 28-gm mangalsutra, a 42-gm coral chain and a 56-gm gold chain.

The police have again cautioned women against wearing expensive jewellery while attending crowded events.

A case has been registered at the Kadri police station.

Never-ending chain!


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