Court Reserves Ruling over Narco Test on Naresh

Court Reserves Ruling over Narco Test on Naresh

Mangaluru: The city police’s investigating team led by ACP Tilakchandra had filed an application in the III JMFC court here for a go-ahead signal to conduct a brainmapping, narco-analysis and polygraphy test on Naresh Shenoy, the prime accused in the murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga.

They had stated that these tests were needed to extract more information from the accused. On Thursday, the court was told that Shenoy had declined to undergo such tests.

A supreme court judgement has barred such tests if the accused declines to undergo them. Hence the local court had announced that it would pronounce its ruling on Friday.

However, when the court assembled on Friday, it said that the ruling was reserved. Sources from those who have stood by the late Baliga’s family said that if Shenoy was really convinced that he was innocent, he should not hesitate to undergo them.

It may be recalled here that in the case of the double murder that had taken place in Panjimogaru five years ago, many fingers of suspicion were pointed at the husband of the slain woman.

Even though he volunteered to undergo the tests, no action was taken, obviously to avoid legal complications.

Case history:

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