Sullia: Sole Wild Elephant Marches into Human Habitat Again, Spreads Scare around

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Sullia: A sole wild elephant has created widespread scare in some villages in the taluk during the past week.

Those who have spotted it have confirmed that it is the same animal which had marched across the villages in the forest edges last year.


On Dec 31 last, it was first spotted at Pulikukku of Edamangala village. Later it marched several kilometres by crossing Panja, Bantamale, Elimale, Devachalla, Doddatota, Kandadka, Ubaradka and Soontodu. Then it had entered some parts of Kodagu like Peraje towards Bhagamandala.

Since elephants are believed to have a good memory, the pachyderm is said to have returned from Bhagamandala, passing through Kolikamoole to Peraje, close to the Mani-Mysuru highway between Sullia and Sampaje.

When last reports came, it had camped in Kundadu. Villagers burst firecrackers to drive it away. Since the animals are very fond of a certain species of palm trees, they tend to come to villages, say farmers.

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