Website Impact! Spiked Wire Guard Added to the Original Fencing at Netravati Bridge

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Website Impact! Spiked Wire Guard Added to the Original Fencing at Netravati Bridge, to prevent people committing suicide from jumping into the river. But do we still need to spend the tax payers hard earned money on a USELESS project. Seems like our Netas and MLA are more concerned about the people who are WILLING to DIE, rather than the People who WANT to LIVE, especially those who are affected and suffering from the pandemic virus.

Mangaluru: Talk about the power of media, especially Electronic media where we highlight the civic issues and within few hours or few days the concerned authorities who can’t bear the criticism about their negligence, quickly get into action and rectify the civic issues. In the past has highlighted various civic issues through our website, and there has been a tremendous effect with most of the problems being fixed in no time, from rectifying dilapidated roads, open drainage, non-friendly footpaths, dog menace etc etc.

Following the article (Ref: Installing CCTV Plans Out- Fencing In? Netravathi Bridge Gets Fencing To Stop Suicides-A Dumb Solution! ) published on 5 July 2020, where Team Mangalorean had highlighted about the fencing done at the Netravati Bridge in order to prevent people from committing suicide by jumping into the river from the bridge. The report also mentioned it was pure stupidity of the Netas and district officials to come up with such a dumb solution to rectify a suicide related issue- and use public or govt money on such silly projects. In the meantime, there are people dying, there are people suffering due to Corona-virus- instead of providing better facilities, beds, medicine etc for such persons, our Netas are worried about people who are willing to die, and not concerned about the people who want to live, and come out of the virus.


Fencing a bridge is not a right solution to stop suicides, but proper awareness programmes, counseling, motivation, prayers etc can only stop someone from taking the extreme step. This project is nothing but to fill the pockets of our elected leaders, engineers, contractor and middlemen. Do you think by fencing Netravati Bridge will do any good for a person who has decided top commit suicide, which is no doubt, a CRIME. Are our Netas or district authorities hooked on stupidity or what, to come up with such a dumb solution to stop future suicides. With so many suicides taking place recently, where people end their distressed life by hanging to a ceiling fan- so what would be our Netas solution for this? Stop selling ceiling fans or what or make a rule that all new houses or flats stop using ceiling fans, instead use Air Conditioners?

Earlier our beloved and popular MLA Vedavyas Kamath had planned to install CCTV’s all around the stretch of Netravathi Bridge, which would have cost tax payers four time more than the fencing plan now- but still was a much more dumb solution. How would a CCTV stop a person from jumping off the bridge, when he/she has decided to end their life. But it is learnt that along with fencing, a bunch of CCTV’s will also be installed at the bridge. After all, whose money is it to spend on such silly projects. Fencing a bridge is not a right solution to stop suicides, instead proper awareness programmes, counseling, motivation, prayers etc can only stop someone from taking the extreme step. Frankly speaking, fencing Netravati Bridge is a waste of public tax payers money and also a height of stupidity.

Team Mangalorean had also highlighted the height of the fence, where anyone can climb over it and still jump off the bridge. Also the gaps in the fence are quite big enough for someone to put their feet inside, and climb and jump off. So what good was this fencing? Who was the smart engineer or a contractor who designed this unscientific and useless fence? After Team Mangalorean forwarded the article to the concerned authorities in MCC, MLA, and District Admin officials, we see that the report has awaken the concerned people behind this project, and the design etc is rectified, where now, they have added a spikes wire guard to the top portion of the original fence (which was of low height), and this change will make it impossible for anyone to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge into the river, and end their lives. Glad to note that the concerned people behind this project have “BECOME POSITIVE IN LIFE”! after reading the article.


But, still this project should not have been taken up, when the entire district is hit by the pandemic, where cases of Covid-19 are rising daily, and already 49 people have died, and with nearly 2000 plus positive cases. Committing suicide by jumping off the bridge into the river is just one among many other ways- suicide is committed by consuming poison, hanging, slitting throat, jumping off a building, lying on a railway track in the path of a moving train etc etc. So why all this pity shown by the authorities only to the ones who commit suicide by jumping of Netravati Bridge?

Its a fact that ever since the suicide of Cafe Coffee Day owner Siddharth in 2019, many have followed in his footsteps and have ended their lives by jumping off from Netravati Bridge, which is called as a “Suicide Spot”- but it doesn’t mean that the Netas and other authorities use tax payers hard earned money to solve this situation. Totally wrong and totally a dumb solution. People should still raise their voices and stop this project immediately even though the fencing work is going on, which is nothing but wasting tax payers hard earned money.

The same money sanctioned on this project could be wisely used in taking care of poor Covid-19 patients who can’t afford for their testing or treatment, and many end up dying. Are our leaders and district officials aware of that-if yes, then they should skip this project and use that lakhs of money spent on fencing the bridge towards better facilities, equipment, PPE’s, etc etc, during this time of pandemic. But it looks like the whole idea behind this project is to make money before the netas/officials end their tenure. Bah humbug!


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